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June 7, 2024
Districts button has been updated to their new nekoweb domain.
June 4, 2024
Added missing width tag to an image on tavs and durges page. Fixed grammatical error on stay gold review.
June 3, 2024
Replaced an image of Damian on his shrine thank you to my wonderful BF for updating the art to his new design! I also added a little "last updated: ___" thing to the bottom. I'll be wordlessly adding this to every page I update, but I will not be retroactively adding it to other pages because I well dont know when they were last updated exactly aside from the "X months ago" thing neocities gives me.
May 31, 2024
Added Stay Gold review. Added status cafe widget to index.
May 30, 2024
Added Sapient Alien Descriptions. Made some fun additions to this here index page; Added web guardian embed, two Goodreads widgets, and a little js thing that randomly dishes out some song lyrics I put into it.
May 29, 2024
Added Sci-Fi Shelves
May 17, 2024
Added Inflatable World Image and Album to links and resources
May 16, 2024
Made the Tavs and Durges page which is just about my stupid gay little guys in my video game bg3 my beloved video game bg3.
May 15, 2024
The godzilla collection page has been split into three sections to improve load times. Added godzilla bag to the Other page. Added description to new pindex and re-implemented the book gif to show which page has been most recently edited.
May 14, 2024
Updated Ambergris page.
May 13, 2024
Pindex has been updated. Some pages have not been brought over to the format, but they have not been deleted. Deleted index link to site map, I feel a site map is useless for this site currently. Updated Damian's shrine with new art.
May 12, 2024
Added How to litter pick and iNaturalist to links & resources. Gave reviews some much needed format fixes. Gonna give pindex the same treatment, but I will not be able to finish such a conversion today.
April 20, 2024
Added review pages for Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer and Childhood' End, by Athur C. Clarke. March 23, 2024
Deleted link to about page because I don't like it
March 20, 2024
Added /links because I would rather self-host links than keep using linktree
March 8, 2024
Added pages for my Aroo and Furality Aroo VRChat models, as well as an Index Page for the models.
February 28, 2024
Added reviews for And Tango Makes Three and Gender Queer: A Memoir. Updated '24 story log.
February 26, 2024
Edited Damian's Shrine; Replaced shinji chair meme with updated version, added gift art. Edited pindex, added sentence describing what the gifs mean. Big update to Ambergris' page as I've unveiled a new version of him!
February 22, 2024
In links and resources I replaced with Bonnibel's Graphic Collection as that rentry is full of 404s now and Bonnibel's collection actually contains pixels to use.
February 14, 2024
Fixed issue where links to the Ambergris page were all 404'ing.
February 9, 2024
More back-end stuff. Updated storylog. Added new gif of a book being written into for pindex. The "New!" blinker shows the last made page, and now this book being written into represents the last edited page.
February 7, 2024
CSS edit, made the background of details dropdowns have a unique color so that their contents can be told apart from the rest of the page. May or may not show up, depending on if I properly used HTML tags or not. Added PoseMy.Art to links. Put the "New!" gift next to it because might as well point out new links too. Also re-organized some other links and merged similar categories. Re-organized how some images are held in the backend, which you'll never see.
- Jan 25, 2024 -
Made a page giving details on my fursuit Ambergris. Made slight format edits to pindex. Edited about page.
- Jan 11, 2024 -
Wrote a journal/essay titled Clothes Make The Man, NSFW warning! There's a cock in there! Consider giving it a read, I'm not normally real on here. Pindex and site map reflect this. Changed a few instances of 18+ to explicit since this entire site is now 18+.
- Jan 10, 2024 -
Made 2024 Story Log to track all the stories and such I've, idk, beheld thusfar in 2024. Tracking it all in one place, rather than dicking about on 5 different media tracking sites. I will continue to use those sites, mind you, but this will keep it all in one spot. Put this link on the "pindex" as I've been calling it in my head. See, pages index, pindex, yeah. Added to site map as well.
- Jan 8, 2024 -
Slight edits to pages index. Changed articles to Essays and Thoughts and Such and re-arranged it all a bit.
- Dec 24, 2023 -
Made 2023 Art Summary. (18+ only) This one is actually meaningful to me, especially amongst the self-indulgent sillies of this site. I hope it interests you!
- Dec 5, 2023 -
Renamed /articles to /pages. Edited all links to reflect this, sorry if I missed any and they 404 as a result. Removed the index of shrines and coding BS, removed them from index linksas well. Changed layout of /pages so that it's sorted by what each page is, so there's a section for shrines, for coding stuff, for articles, etc. Deleted /flask and put the water bottle pic in /mypics. Re-arranged the order of the h2 links here. Bolded the dates of this changelog for easier viewing.
- Nov 30, 2023 -
Added My Water Bottle to articles.
- Nov 29. 2023 -
Added reviews for Ringworld (Larry Niven) and Metamorphosis (Franz Kafka). Rewrote about page. Removed link to Trello as I don't use it anymore rly. Added page about conditioning my cowboy boots. Made site map prettier. Added descriptions to the h2 links on this here index page.
- Nov 15, 2023 -
Added TFDimension to /links.
- Nov 7, 2023 -
Uploaded reviews for Five Nights at Freddy's (2023) and The Mountain in the Sea (Ray Nayler). Edited text on my about page.
- Nov 1, 2023 -
Edited index; replaced images with h2 links. Made articles index. Added 2023 Pumpkin Pie Recipe to site.
- Sep 28, 2023 -
Fixed typo in flight of dragons review. Put this changelog on index page.
- Sep 11, 2023 -
Made about page, linked it on index and site map. Added fire time to site map. Added miguel charm to his shrine.
- Sep 9, 2023 -
Uploaded Fire Time review.
- Sep 8, 2023 -
Edited CSS of reviews index and color coded review thumbnail backgrounds by subject.
- Sep 7, 2023 -
Fixed grammar issues in my review of the menu. OHHHHHHHH MY GOD i ported my backlog of reviews and oh god never again i HAVE to do this shit as it goes as backlog uploading took hours. Updated site map and added sections to review list to help make it easier to read.
- Sep 4, 2023 -
Slight re-organization edits to /links. Made shrines index and added it to site map. Removed /lioden and archived it privately. Renamed /js folder to /coding. Reset Artfight countdown. Made coding bullshit index. Published index revamp, archived old version privately. Published reviews revamp, review index now has thumbnails rather than plain text links. Added a return to home button to all pages. Added image to damian's shrine.
- Sep 1, 2023 -
Started work on the revamp of site CSS.
- Aug 31, 2023 -
Added cayzle site to links.
- June 15, 2023 -
Added to /links. Removed Mimo from /links, I’ve learned it costs too much for too little for me to consider it a resource.
- June 14, 2023 -
Swapped Tellonym with Tumblr. Removed (and archived) old update box. Added childhood art of Godzilla to goji shrine
- 6/13/23 -
Misc. page edits. Swapped images on Ghidorah page to be hosted on my own site. Made additions every shrine. Added pixel resources to /links.
- 6/12/23 -
Added trello & tellonym links beneath this box. Added Mimo, Lilac Lynx button & map page to /links. Misc. edits to /lioden, /mypics, /index. Added /js/anthrocon. Added sponge cake review.
- 6/8/23 -
Added across the spiderverse review.
- 6/7/23 -
More back-end organization. Re-did how I store images now, whew. But my organization is looking SO much better now! I could improve even more, but oh fucking well, who cares if it isnt flawlessly optimized. Published godzilla singular point review as it was actually just sitting there in my files doing nothing! Re-linked my lioden lore because why not. Did some mobile optimization. Added figure painting guide & deep sea to links. Made the /pics page. Added images to various pages. Made highlight color yellow because its so cute and satisfying when its yellow, its like a lil highligher x3. Linked Miguel shrine.
- 6/5/23 -
Did some backend clean up. Changed up the entire way that I sort all the pages of this website. Which was a bitch and a half to do, by the way. Changed layout of /resources (now /links) to have headers rather than details drop downs as well as added more links. Re-did index page link layout again. Updated & linked the king ghidorah and godzilla shrines that I made forever ago but never linked anywhere. Added pacman page for easy lols. Added webneko to index because why the fuck now. Also made and linked a shrine for my character Damian because I'm so tired and really just needed a treat.
- 5/25/23 -
Fixed some typos and image errors on my godzilla collection page. Removed some links from index page. Removed z-lib from links *takes off hat and puts hand over heart as sad trumpets play.*
- 1/28/23 -
Uploaded more reviews.
- 1/27/23 -
Removed some links because I'm not active on as many sites anymore, thank fuck.
- 12/13/22 -
Changed columns organization, added some links.
- 10/23/22-
Adjusted columns so they're all evenly sized and will have internal scrollbars if they overflow. Swapped around link locations.
- 10/17/22-
New index appearance, the details/read more bits have been replaced with columns so links are more easily seen. Replaced Inkblot with Artstation in the link section right above this scrolling box. Sorry, buddy, maybe when you're a bit more polished you can return? Created reviews page and uploaded backlog. Misc page edits.
- 10/16/22 -
Created the thoughts on section and uploaded backlog.
- 10/13/22 -
Created base page for smaller media reviews.
- 10/3/22 -
Corrected information on godzilla collection page.
- 9/30/22 -
Added shirt to godzilla page. Added lore to lioden page.
- 9/27/2022 -
Corrected information on godzilla collection page.
- 9/25/2022 -
Added this update box.

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